We're a video game publisher based in Curitiba, Southern Brazil. We're also four passionate indie developers with the goal of increasing the superbly creative Brazilian indie scene’s visibility and reach.

And we do this by working with some of the finest developers across the country, getting to the international public & press neatly and roaming to the greatest platforms, stores & marketplaces!

What we do

Having our time as devs we know there's a lot more about making a video game happen than bright lines of code, excellent assets or a moving story. We trust you can deliver those, but here's a quick preview of how we can help you game stand out:


Trailers, websites, press releases. Reaching the right audience...

All the stuff that can be so overwhelming, distracting you from making your rad game radder. We take care of that, and you keep development rolling!


We can handle contacts and deal with headaches involving your game release.

Need to reach distribution channels? Manage taxes & revenue repatriation? Write contracts?! We've got you covered!


Your game rules! And we wanna make sure it stays ruling!

So we don't restrict your partnerships, creative decisions or any development stuff whatsoever! It's you game, so nothing more fair than having your rules. Unless, of course, if you ask us for some sweet advice!


Getting your revenues home can be a huge pain for devs!

Specially when you live down under! By working with multiple games we're able to keep an offshore structure, making the transfers a lot more lucrative, and relieving them financial worries.

How it's done

For now we're focusing in somewhat experienced indie teams, joining them in the polish phase of development and giving that last push before release. Everything depends on the particulars of projects, but as a rule of thumb you can consider we work with revenue shares proportional to our investments in the game, aka the costs of campaign &c.

To know more about or just have a chat with us, please write @vermonde, he'll be super happy to walk you through!

Anderson Vermonde


Our channels

These are the platforms and stores we're currently working with:

Our partners

And these are some great studios we've joined forces with recently:

For the press

Guys, we've put a great deal of effort on making our press kits super tidy & useful, just for you! Please have a look, and we hope you'll find everything you need about our projects.

If you're looking for something else, just write @maperns and he'll do his best to assist you!

Mauricio Perin


Who we are

Anderson Vermonde 

/Public Relations

Bruno Bulhões 

/Account Manager

Mauricio Perin 

/Design & Business

Ingrid Skåre 

/Project Manager

Frequent Collaborators

César Schrega 

/Web Developer

Matt Lopes 

/Musican & Sound Designer

Julianna Isabele 

/Media Consultant & Writer

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