Relic Hunters Zero Press Kit



Rogue Snail

Minas Gerais, Brazil


Zueira Digital

Curitiba, Brazil

Release date

August 18, 2015

Latest Update

Spookylands Expansion, October 31, 2015




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Press Contact

Anderson Vermonde



Relic Hunters Zero is a FREE game about shooting evil space ducks in the face with tiny cute guns. It’s fast, it’s tactical, and feels delicious and smooth to play. The game now available on Steam! You are also able to look at the source code and marvel at how this game can even run with such a tangled mess of curse words and “funny” function names. With the source code freely available people can get creative and keep this game alive, fun and free for years to come.


The Development

Game designer Mark Venturelli (Dungeonland, Chroma Squad) and artist Betu Souza (Knights of Pen and Paper, also Chroma Squad) are the dynamic duo behind this game, operating under Venturelli's “Rogue Snail” label. They’ve been making it in their spare time for the last months as a pure labor of love. They've worked together at Behold Studios in Brazil during Chroma Squad's development. The game also features the soundtrack of Swedish composer Goto80 and the sound design from Raphael Müller (who also did sound and music for Dungeonland and Chroma Squad).


Following the game release on August 18th 2015 reception was super great, reaching over 100k players and 1K reviews in just over a week. Critique remains 95% fresh, granting the game an Overwhelmingly Positive status on Steam! There are currently over 500K Relic Hunters Zero players, and an active community gathers at the Official Forums — it houses some great modders and development of new weapons, characters and even game modes by the forum inhabitants is ramping up pretty greatly.

The team conitnues to update the game constantly, adding all sorts of items, features and mechanics. Not only that, entire game systems and play modes have been added. The Spookylands, an expansion lauchand last Halloween, shocases the different directions the original game can be stretched with mods and variations.

The Publisher

Relic Hunters Zero is being published by Zueira Digital, a Brazilian team composed by fellow game developers and focused on the publishing of great Brazilian games.



Release Trailer /

Endless Mode Trailer /

Spookylands Trailer /

Dev Let's Play (60 FPS) /



Press Releases


Announcement: Jul 29 2015 (en)

Endlesse Mode: Oct 01 2015 (en)

Spookylands Expansion: Oct 31 2015 (en)


Anúncio: 29 Jul 2015 (pt-BR)

Modo Infinito: 01 Out 2015 (pt-BR)

Expansão Spookylands: 31 Out 2015 (pt-BR)


Selected Articles

Monetization Permission

Rogue Snail allows for the contents of Relic Hunters to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. Monetization of videos created containing assets from Relic Hunters is legally & explicitly allowed by Rogue Snail.

This permission can be found in writing at

Links & Stuff

Steam Page

Download the game for free on Steam.

Official Website

Home of the Hunters.

Official Forums

Get the source code and discuss the game and mods.


Keep up with the development of the game.

Rogue Snail

Developer official website.

Zueira Digital

Publisher official website.


Rogue Snail

Brazilian game designer Mark Venturelli is Rogue Snail, a one-man label that includes several collaborators from around the world. Venturelli is responsible for co-founding Critical Studio, creating charity event Super BR Jam, and designing games such as Chroma Squad, Relic Hunters, Dungeonland and Star Vikings.

For more information on Rogue Snail, logos & relevant media go here.

Zueira Digital

Zueira Digital is a video game publisher focused on bringing the best games developed in Brazil to the hands of gamers around the world. Founded by four passionate indie developers, they aim to increase the incredibly creative Brazilian indie scene’s visibility and reach.

Additional info, logos & relevant media are available here.


Mark Venturelli

/ Design, Code

Betu Souza

/ Art

Raphael Müller

/ Sound Design