Update 10: Spookylands - Updated Forever!

It’s always Halloween in Relic Hunters Zero: new content to haunt and be haunted!

Step into the Spookylands - home of ghosts, sticky worms and zombie turtles!

Spookylands Expansion Trailer:


Curitiba, Brazil – November 3rd, 2015 Just a couple days after reaching 500,000 players worldwide, the 100% free shooter Relic Hunters Zero continues to expand its gameplay in new ways - this time with a special area created for Halloween. The Spookylands, as they are called, are the (un)resting place of ghost ducks, zombie turtles, disgusting sticky worms and other eerie creatures. This new region in the fast-paced top-down shooter adds a survival element to the cauldron, with spine-chilling environmental hazards and new chests filled with treats and tricks that can put players in terrible danger!

The Halloween pack showcases the new ways in which Relic Hunters Zero can be expanded in the future, with the introduction of whole new systems and mechanics. This is especially great since the game has a community that is putting the source code to good use. Fans gather in the forums to create new characters, weapons and even game modes! With this update, the rare “Spooky Reaper” weapon marks the first time content created by this community jumps out of the forums and comes into the main Steam release!

“Halloween signals the first time we've truly expanded the game’s depth, with new levels, new playing modes, new everything” said RHZ creator, Mark Venturelli. He also noted that “this update is a test-fire of mods integrated in the main game; if everything goes well we'll bring a lot more community-created content in the next updates!"

And here is a mandatory feature-list of all the cool new stuff:

  • Spookylands area! Halloween lasts forever in these three new levels;
  • Frightening enemies: Worms, Ghost Ducks, Zombie Turtles and Worm Turtles;
  • Terrifying weapon: Spooky Reaper, Minigun (Heavy Weapon class, Light ammo) and Flak Cannon (Heavy Weapon class, Medium ammo);
  • New Relic weapons: Relic Cannon and Relic Minigun;
  • Spooky spooky environmental hazard: spikes;
  • Candy drops that heal a bit of health;
  • 3 new Achievements;
  • Challenges for the brave at heart:
    • Haunted Chest. Get a powerful Spooky weapon, but you will be haunted by a ghost!
    • Ducan Chest. Get a powerful Ducan weapon, but beware as the Ducan Elite will hunt you down.
  • Spine-chilling music by Goto80.

Last but not least: two months after releasing Relic Hunters Zero continues to be completely free, no ads, no micro-transactions or any kind of tricky shenanigans whatsoever.

If you haven't checked it out yet, Relic Hunters Zero is a fast paced shooter about fighting evil space ducks and turtles (who in the Spookylands might already be dead). While you explore the world in search for buried relics you will be shooting loads of enemies in their space faces! It plays fast, feels really smooth, and even has a co-op mode, to play with your friends, in spooky costumes, prolonging Halloween forever! Keep digging and unlock new weapons and characters in order to defeat the Ducan Commander! Enjoy the glories of battling infinitely spawning space ducks and swarms of sticky worms forever!

The team behind Relic Hunters Zero

Game designer Mark Venturelli (Dungeonland, Chroma Squad) and artist Betu Souza (Knights of Pen and Paper, also Chroma Squad) are the dynamic duo behind this game, operating under the Rogue Snail brand.
They’ve been making it in their spare time for the last year as a pure labor of love. The game also features the soundtrack of Swedish composer Goto80 and the sound design from Raphael Müller (who also did sound and music for Dungeonland and Chroma Squad).

Spookylands Expansion Trailer: https://youtu.be/lF9UKuTjdtw
Launch Trailer: http://youtu.be/DgzgoeNSCc4
Gameplay Video: http://youtu.be/nRLSYWaojzk
Endless Mode Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qva-fDPI28c
Press Kit: http://zueiradigital.com/presskit/rhz/
Official Website: http://www.relichunters.com.br
and Official Forum: http://www.relichunters.com.br/forums
Source Code Repository: https://github.com/mventurelli/relichunterszero
Steam Page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/382490/

Want some screenshots and tasty animated GIFs?

Twitter: @markventurelli (Rogue Snail), @betuiau and @ZueiraDigital
Facebook: www.facebook.com/RelicHuntersUniverse

About Zueira Digital

Zueira Digital is a video game publisher focused on bringing the best games developed in Brazil to the hands of gamers around the world. Founded by four passionate indie developers, they aim to increase the incredibly creative Brazilian indie scene’s visibility and reach.

For more information: www.zueiradigital.com/presskit

About Rogue Snail

Brazilian game designer Mark Venturelli is Rogue Snail, a one-man label that includes several collaborators from around the world. Venturelli is responsible for co-founding Critical Studio, creating charity event Super BR Jam, and designing games such as Chroma Squad, Relic Hunters, Dungeonland and Star Vikings.

For more information: www.roguesnail.com/presskit

About Goto80

Goto80 is a lo-fi artist and researcher who has been called “the most prolific chip music artist” (Computer Music Magazine). Since his first steps in the demoscene 1992 he has developed his own mix of pop, beats and craft. He is currently focusing on live improvisation and text graphics together with Raquel Meyers, and they have performed at Transmediale and Bonniers Konsthall. Goto80 also runs the blog/label Chipflip, the text graphics research blog text-mode.tumblr.com, and internet2008.se.
His new album is available at: http://goto80.com/_​​ ̄​​○


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